I am passionate about supporting organisations and people with a positive social purpose.

I support people to become more resilient in the face of problems and opportunities, and more able to develop and change as needed. I do this by increasing participation and moving decision-making and responsibility to the 'coal-face'. I help you deal with practical challenges such as:

I bring significant experience of Action Learning, Consent-based Decision-making, Open Space, Sociocracy, and setting up Communities of Practice and Enquiry.

And I bring a different way of thinking about and doing leadership: in a 'networked', digital world, sometimes we have to give up 'leading' from in front and become a 'follower' - supporting the will of the group. I help people reduce confusion, talk together with more clarity and take up their leadership roles more effectively.

Nearly 25 years ago I left my role as a manager in a very large US tech company to join a tech startup with a social purpose. I've coached and facilitated, but I have also 'dived in' - I've been Director and Chair of a purposeful SME, a startup MD, and I've worked in several major product 'launch' teams - learning the realities of leading, and contributing, under pressure.

I have worked with many different kinds of organisation: large (the BBC, the World Bank), small (many SMEs), and alternative (coops, employee-owned businesses, social enterprises, charities).