I work with businesses and organisations with a positive social purpose, especially where people are introducing a culture of leadership based on genuine learning and development. With the aim of increasing resilience and opening a space for innovation and growth.

I help improve communication, and help people learn to collaborate and cooperate, without taking things too personally. I have in-depth experience of self-managed, agile working, including in digital settings. Of consent-based decision-making (eg in Sociocracy), peer-to-peer and Action Learning, and of Open Space.

Often the best way to help people learn is by helping teams address practical issues. So we work together on things such as:

Nearly 25 years ago I left my role as a manager in a very large US tech company to join a tech startup with a social purpose. As well as consulting, I have also ‘dived in’ - as Director and Chair of a purposeful SME, a startup MD, and with several product launch teams.

I've supported many kinds of organisation: corporate, SME, employee-owned, co-ops, social enterprise, and charity.

If you want to know more, see the book 'Leading Mindfully', and a few articles and papers including 'Four Skills of Dialogic OD', ‘Conscious Business - Impact and Implications for HR and OD’ etc. Or drop me a line.