For many years I have helped people build teams and organisational cultures where ‘everyone leads’. For me, to lead means:

When everyone leads, people get clear about their goals and commit to them, and hold each other to account. So, most importantly, this way of working leads to more resilience and more productivity – whether building a leadership team, delivering projects and programmes, or making a wider transformational change.

This kind of leading also usually means being naturally oriented towards a larger social, economic or environmental purpose. And these are the people and teams I choose to work with.

I’ve many years experience of this – with progressive businesses, with co-operative and employee-owned businesses, in education, and occasionally in the public sector. Along the way I’ve gathered and developed a host of practical methods and tools. Tools that support better communication, effective shared decision-making (e.g. as in Sociocracy), and Agile working.

As well as coaching and facilitating teams, I have had a lot of hands-on business experience – including as an SME Director and Exec Chair, and as a startup MD. I work independently and in partnership with Then Somehow and Practical Governance.

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