I help people work together better, by re-framing leadership, management and how to get things done. Practically this means changing behaviour – learning to communicate differently, and taking up team membership and leadership roles more effectively.

In time this leads to increased well-being, and better productivity, resilience and growth for a larger team. It becomes easier for people and organisations to thrive while contributing to social and environmental sustainability.

We often start with a specific business problem, such as:

Nearly 25 years ago I left my role as a manager in a very large US company to join a tech startup with a social purpose. Since then I have often ‘dived in’ – as Director and Chair of an SME, a startup MD, and in several launch teams.

I've also coached and supported hundreds of teams and leaders, in many kinds of organisation: corporate, SME, employee-owned, co-ops, social enterprise, and charity. Today, I work exclusively with businesses and people who have a social purpose of some kind.

If you want to know more about my approach, see the book 'Leading Mindfully', or some of my articles and papers including: 'Four Skills of Dialogic OD', ‘Conscious Business – Impact and Implications for HR and OD’, 'Bringing Purpose to Life'. Or drop me a line.