A team and leadership coach working with purpose-oriented businesses for more than 25 years.

As well as coaching and facilitating teams, I have had a lot of hands-on business experience – including as an SME Director and Chair, and as a startup MD.

I also have specific knowledge of agile working, circle-based governance and distributed leadership (e.g. Sociocracy), and helping teams communicate better.

I am happy to help if you have a practical business problem which is, at root, about people and relationships:

I help people lead more effectively by noticing group (or system) dynamics and discovering new ways to communicate. Together we build teams that are creative, resilient and fun to be in, and that produce great results.

I have worked with all kinds of businesses – with co-ops, employee-owned businesses, and social enterprises; in education and occasionally the public sector. I work independently and in partnership with Then Somehow and Practical Governance.

For more on my approach/interests: